Doug Kuhlmann's GeoGebra stuff

AP volume problems AB--GeoGebra applets.  Double click the problem number to download the GeoGebra applet. GeoGebra can be downloaded at The year refers to the year of the AP exam. 2007Modified has changed 20/(1+x^2) to 5/(1+x^2) for better viewing in 3D.

Volumes of Revolution--Washers/Disks

2014_2a     2013_5b     2011_3c     2010_4b     2010B_1b     2009B_4c     2007_1b_Mod     2007B_1c     2008B_1b    2006_1b     2006B_1b    2006_1c    2005_1c    2005B_1b     2004_2b

 All washers in zip file 

Known cross sections--Squares

Known cross sections--semicircles

Known cross sections--Rectangles

Volumes of Revolution--Shells

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